Aurumiz Limited was incorporated in 2014 to venture into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business with an inclination towards Analytics and IT Consultancy. The firm specializes in warehousing, distribution & sales automation, retail analytics, manufacturing analytics and system integrations. Our goal is to transform data into meaningful and palatable formats in a near real-time basis so as to enhance decision making and performance of our Clients. We strive to apply the best industry standards and toolsets in the field of data science so as to meet the objectives of the different tasks.

Aurumiz limited has a young and vibrant team comprising of seasoned programmers, data scientists, IT consultants, IT Auditors and Software Engineers. Our professionals have undergone rigorous academic and professional trainings in their areas of expertise. We have been privileged to serve clients in both the private and public sectors with varied needs to their satisfaction. We aspire to be one of the most dependable and reputable companies in the field of analytics in Africa.